MORE INFO ABOUT:~~ THE BOOK~~ "What I Learned from Daniel"~~

           Not just a book about loss and bereavement, but a book about love, joy, loss, courage, acceptance, faith and the world which follows this one.

    It took time after Daniel's unexpected passing for me to find a voice in order to tell his story in a book.  The book differs from the blog in that the blog began eight weeks after Daniel's passing, and is a snap shot of those days and those feelings as experienced by our family.  The book is the sequential story of Daniel's life, his sudden departure and our survival afterward. The book shares different information and more complete perspectives, and some things I did not feel comfortable sharing in a blog.

                At long last, the book   "What I Learned from Daniel" is finally available.

   We are very early in its release and distribution process, but you may receive a copy using the following websites:  Hardcover,  softcover (perfect bound), and electronic versions will soon be available worldwide.

For now, this is where I noticed the book is being advertised:

On Amazon



Kindle variety:

At Barnes and Noble:



Nook will be forthcoming.




  1. You have a book out! I cannot wait to read it <3

  2. Pam, Although my publisher would probably prefer you buy it from them, the cheapest place to get a sharply discounted copy for the Christmas season is I haven't yet received my reference copies from the publisher and so the only copy I have also came from Amazon. Merry Christmas.


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