Saturday, July 10, 2010

Scorching Summer Days

This may be the last candid photo ever taken of Daniel

It has been an uncharacteristically warm summer. Daniel's dog, Mark, the black labrador who was not expected to "make it through the winter" four years ago, continues to hang on. He lives in a barn room, with a flat screen tv, and an air conditioning, while we visit multiple times each day with food and water. The vet does not wish to euthanize him as long as we can continue his care and he is relatively pain free. It is an odd irony that my youngest son could not remain here while on Earth, while one of his beloved yet elderly dogs just won't leave us. I think that Mark's days will be over soon. He seems to enjoy eating and drinking less, and lost control of his back legs six months ago. It seems that Mark remains with us faithful to Daniel's family with the same commitment that we remain faithful to Daniel's wishes by continuing to give constant and faithful care to Mark. The vet is pleasantly flabbergasted that Mark is hanging in there so well.

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