Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Greater and More Capable than We Can Imagine

Psychologists tell us that within the first year of losing a child, most people contact a psychic medium, desperately seeking a mixture of contact, forgiveness or closure with their beloved child. We never did this.
The circumstances of Daniel's passing were so very peculiar and unusual, and we were supported so quickly and so immediately by so many, that I instantly believed that the God who had so graciously sent him to us, had called him home. Someday, I will speak more about some of the unusual happenings following Daniel's passing,and why we believe this. I believed that the autopsy would tell us how God had chosen to call him, but a 15 month autopsy at a world class medical center never really did. There were some incidental findings, a mild but resolving viral infection etc. but never anything that allowed anyone to say, "There, that must have been it". The presumed cause of death which eventually generated a death certificate more than a year after his passing was "probable cardiac arrhythmia of unknown etiology" (cause). My attitude and behavior after Daniel's passing very much set the stage for, at least, the initial coping of my family. We truly believed that Daniel was called to a better place, and that we were left on the imperfect world to grieve and to learn. We did not contact a psychic medium simply because we believed that if Daniel and my Dad (who passed 31 days prior) could contact US, that they would, and that it would not take a psychic medium to do this, if in fact, it was permissible by God.
Our choice was a good one for us. I have enclosed some interesting materials from a man with a near death experience and a mother of a child who has passed. These are not rare experiences. They are more common than most of us realize.
Like most families we have enough of our own experiences in which we believe they have contacted us, at least in dream, to send simple messages, and to let us know they still have awareness and peace, and that we should live in peace until we are reunited with them also.

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