*Contact Me* or Review my book: "What I Learned from Daniel"

                             I am the person in the front, pictured with our daughter.

I am available to be contacted through this blog concerning our experience with Daniel's passing, or to aid in the quest to recognize the need for better screening and recognition in undiagnosed arrhythmic disorders which may lead to sudden cardiac death in children, teens or in adults.

If you are a member of US Congress or the American Academy of Pediatrics, or the World Health Organization, who wishes to hear how devastated our family and so many others are, as a result of sudden cardiac death, for which the tendency to, may sometimes be detected by a simple EKG,or by testing using microvolt t-wave alternans, then you may feel free to contact me as well.I am also happy to receive e-mails from families who have lost children or from people who wish to comment concerning this blog.

I am happy to receive feedback for either of my books.

If you are a parent or family who has lost a child, either to a sudden arrhythmic syndrome or something else, or if I have profiled your child here, please do not hesitate to contact me. If there is anything I can tell you that would be a comfort, I certainly will try.

This is a memorial site, and e-mail is first reviewed by the books publisher before being forwarded when appropriate to the author.  Should this blog receive spam or intentionally hurtful material from unbalanced posters, please know that these individuals are quickly referred to Blogger for removal.

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