Sunday, June 13, 2010

Probably Not Really Like Daniel

A photographer's conception of how Daniel might look if he were still on Earth today.

Some time ago, I located a company that will take a picture of a child who has passed, and age the child from childhood to adulthood or anything in between. They run specials at Mother's Day and Father's Day. They also do a number of other rather miraculous photography alterations, and they are very diligent. In reality, other than a haircut, growth in height, maybe thinning out a little or having shoulders broaden even more, I don't expect Daniel to have recognizably changed TOO much since he left here at 12 1/2. I think I would know him if he passed me on the street. For Mother's Day, I provided several pictures of Daniel, and asked them to age him to 14, the age he would be right now. The picture above is what they thought he might look like. Of course, our other children, two of them artists, don't agree. (Our daughter is a professional illustrator and our eldest son, a professional sculptor.) They believe he would be more muscular and that his eyes would be larger. One said he would never have submitted to a haircut which exposed his ears. (That might be true, but as we grow, we do change)
Should you ever want an age progressed or age regressed picture of anyone, an adopted child, a lost child, etc. this is the website of the company that does these. They also have a number of other services. (They can actually take seperate pictures of relatives and incorporate the two of three people into one photo.)

Someday I might provide some different photos to them and see what they come up with again. After all, it serves me right for trying to take a premature glance into Heaven !

As for the song below, I don't think that Daniel could ever have heard it while on Earth, but somehow I believe that he would LOVE this song. I have a copy of the CD in his room.
The parody of the song at the end is very much like something Daniel would like. One of his favorite things to do was to alter or amend a song a la Wierd Al Yankovic, whom he once saw in concert.

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