Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Independence Week

I think most kids are patriotic and Daniel, when he resided on Earth, was certainly no exception. He enjoyed Independence Day each year as most kids do. We enjoyed the purchasing of fireworks for our annual dramatization of "the rockets red glare".
We ate watermelon, and the holiday staples hot dogs, hamburgers,with all the cole slaw, beans and the condiments we all enjoy. Daniel liked a plain hamburger with ketchup only. Once in a while, we would make a sponge or pound cake topped with cool whip and blueberries and strawberries, a red, white and blue treat. We had the annual placing of boards on the front yard, hosing them down to avoid sparks starting little fires elsewhere. Then at dark, my husband and eldest son Adam would light the fireworks one by one,using one of those gas torches which allowed rapid ignition. Daniel loved the spectacle. Matthew, Daniel, Stephanie and I would sit on the porch, slapping at the mosquitos,watching one firework after another until ultimately the gunpowder and smoke was sufficient to make all the mosquitos in a mile radius depart for their lives !

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