Sunday, June 20, 2010

There Are Others

As you may have guessed, my own relative composure in writing many of these posts starting only about five or six weeks after Daniel's passing, is owed to a lot of other people other than myself. Other than God, Daniel and Dad, our friends and family, we have received support in a variety of ways. One of these ways has been a number of bereavement support groups. In general,I am not a "joiner". I often prefer to manage life's hardest lumps myself, make sense of them myself, before going headlong into support where there will be people with complications, reactions,and nightmares I have not even yet considered. I need to make sense of something first and then somehow climb out in tandem with others. I did join a bereavement group however, consisting mostly of women, which was internet based. They have been a wonderful opportunity for me to have people to lean on, who truly understand, and an opportunity for me to support those who may be a few months or a year behind where we are now. Grief is indeed a personal and an individual thing, but there are so many commonalities, particularly for the mothers who lose a child, that sharing with other women who are veterans of a similar profound loss can be a godsend. In our group, my family and I are not the only people who believe that we have had after life communications with a passed loved one. There are many with stories of "how they knew" or "how their child behaved the last time they saw them" or how their child's voice woke them, several days or weeks after their child had passed.
It was therefore wonderful to be able to share with this group, a feature from 20/20 which profiled the families who lost people from 9-11 and how they have experienced everything from premonitions, to after life communication. Here is the link.

Apparently, one of the families has written a book on the various phenomena post the 9-11 losses, and it's quite interesting.

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