Friday, April 10, 2009

Daniel does Laundry !

Last night I fell into a deep sleep. Even though I love my present home very much, I often dream about living in the home I grew up in. I dream that my husband and children and I live there now. Even though this is completely impractical because it's another state and far from here, in some sense I still live there. Last night I dreamt that we were living in my childhood home and that we had a washer-dryer in the downstairs laundry room there. In the dream, we had decided to put an additional washer-dryer in a large closet in the upstairs hallway in addition. This way, we could save steps and all the kids could keep up with their wash. I dreamt that Daniel and I were washing laundry and folding sheets, towels and pillowcases as they came out of the dryer. We were enjoying ourselves as we folded. There was bright sunlight and a warm breeze coming in from open windows. I remember his bright smile. When I woke up, I thought, well that's odd. Daniel hated to do laundry. He did it, but he didn't like it. I wonder if this was simply the keeping of a small promise to me to do his laundry which sat in his full hamper. It took me weeks to deal with his laundry after he passed.


  1. ~i remember his bright smile~

    i am glad for that! your friend,

  2. I remember it now, even years later. I will never forget !

  3. i am still very glad for that!


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