Thursday, September 9, 2010

Alluvial gold

Just when I think life is busy and normal and that we have defined and are living the new normal, something odd happens here, leaving me, or us to ponder something new.
My husband and I used my new car this week only to find minute specks on it, which scrape off with a fingernail but are too adherent and too numerous to remove. We looked over our other cars,all kept deep in our large farm, and found these fine specks over them as well. They are most noticeable on my new car. We took a magnifying glass to look at them, and at first thought they were gold leaf paint spray, uniformly and perfectly distributed all over the car. It almost looks as if this is the intended finish of the car, except that it is also over the plastic and the glass portions of it as well. When we examined the car's finish a magnifying glass to look at this more closely and found these to be little specks of gold reflecting back at us. We have no explanation for this. We live on a large farm and no one here owns a paint sprayer or anything like this. We have had some winds following Hurricane Earl, and even some dirt and wind "sandblasting" around the farm, but this is truly peculiar.
I took my new car to two detailers and two body shops. The car had a vigorous hand washing and polishing. The first one is unable to remove the gold using a power hand wash and hand rub. The body shop is reluctant to buff it because they fear removing the clear coat on the car. They all just shake their heads. The last one said that this is not gold paint, but alluvial gold, actual gold dust which has somehow settled and stuck from the atmosphere and either adhered to the car as the result of the polish we had last used or adhered to the clearcoat layer over the original paint.
Could gold dust from the farm have picked up in the wind and deposited onto the original paint, clearcoat or even the polish of my new car ? Could Daniel or Dad have done this ? Is this something they could do ?   This is indeed the site of an old goldmine from the 1880s.  Could the winds have stirred up the minute gold particles ?   So far, the detailers and car bodyshops said we should remove it from the windows and the rubber, but leave the body alone. They have all never heard of anything like this ever happening.

UPDATE: June, 2013

 The alluvial gold specks which apparently bound with the clearcoat of my car remain there. I have come to accept it, no matter how curious it is.

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