Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Take a Look


         Daniel, I often think about how you would have progressed here on Earth had you remained here, rather than having gone with God at age twelve and a half, now five years ago.   I knew a fair bit about your likes and dislikes then, but it saddens me just a little to think that I might not know what you would like had you remained here. I am your mother for all time, and you are my child for all time, and so, I will never stop caring about the things you like, the causes you choose to work for, the music, and your concerns and your charities here on Earth.  I know how much you enjoyed the Sonic computer games, and "Weird Al" Yankovic's parodies of songs.  I know how much you loved helping animals in need, and delivering food we bought at Sam's Club or Costco to the food bank.  There are more food banks in our county now.  You would have to rotate your attentions and supplies to them now. You would also be surprised at how inflation has increased the price of food.

                  By now you would be eighteen.  Your friend Jordan has a girlfriend now, and I think you probably would too.  So much about you would have changed and likely embraced more of the world around you.   When you were here you weren't a big fan of female singers but I think that as you grew that might have changed.  I know that you were a fan of many genres, particularly if the work itself was well done.   I believe that you are able to see this blog, and for this reason I wanted to offer you a look at a video I discovered yesterday.     This is a Canadian musical artist who obviously has quite a background in dance and choreography from her video.   I remember that you were definitely not a fan of High School Musical, but perhaps the artistry and the writing of this song seems better to you.   As you might guess, I think she is very good.  Her name for musical endeavors is Kiesza.    For everyone else, Kiesa Rae Ellestadt, born in 1989, was a young Canadian Naval Reserve officer who got a scholarship to attend music school in Canada.  She has also attended music school afterward in the US.  An adventurous spirit with a gift for songwriting and poetry, she now works in New York and in London.  I think this young woman is one to watch.

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