Friday, September 4, 2009

Wisdom from Heaven

Sometimes in the early hours of the morning, when I am deep in REM sleep, I believe that my Dad, or Daniel, and sometimes both of them check on me, and talk to me. Sometimes I am in such a deep sleep that I can only lie there as if deep in anesthesia while they tell me something. (They probably wish I was quieter and a bit more anesthetized when they were here on Earth.) Other times, I am able to formulate a question, sometimes accurately answered by them, and sometimes answered later. I did ask my Dad where the bolt to his rifle was kept, as it wasn't with the rifle, and he did not seem to remember. I am happy to say that this week, it was located, and now is safe and sound.
You may think that I am a sad and pathetic mother who could not manage the simaltaneous passing of her father and her beloved youngest son, or that my own psyche creates or interprets their communications and manifestations. You may think that I was a closet psychic who ignored information given to me, but when my father and my son died, I finally listened to "the ancestors" who had always spoken to me. You might think that our loving Heavenly Father decided to allow limited and loving communication following their passings, to ensure that I complete the tasks assigned to me on Earth and that I remain on the correct path, before I join them someday. I don't really mind which you choose. I post some of these musings because I think it is important to truthfully relate what I know, which is that we do not die. Our souls and consciousness live on. I seek only to validate the similar experiences of others, and then, only if you wish me to.

This week the communications are as follows:

"In Heaven, No Kindness on Earth Has Ever Been Forgotten"

(Dad and Daniel showed this to me on a heavenly bumper sticker)


The answer to my question, "What is Heaven Like ?"

"This week it is a lot like Nova Scotia in August" because this is where Dad
and Dan are presently visiting. Coincidentally, this was the home of my father's maternal great grandparents.

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