Monday, February 15, 2010

The Open Letter

My pumpkin,
So much has happened since our last post to you and to this blog. As you know, we picked up James, and brought him home. It's very strange because although he is older than you were, in some ways we are reminded of you and of things you liked to do. He likes Pokemon, Bionicles, television, Family Guy, and sweets etc. Of course, in other ways, he is vastly different than you. Of course, you had our love absolutely and completely all of your life, and he never has. Despite this, he is remarkably resilient in many ways. He also has your penchant for telling the God's honest truth, although I think you did it more tactfully, and this makes me think that when you had to leave, that you somehow selected him to come to us. Like any adoption, there are challenges, but as God holds tight to you and takes care of anything you might need, we will try to do the same for James.
Your room downstairs is beautiful, and we keep your things as remembrances. We do occasionally borrow some of your DVDs, but there are name stickers on them, so they are returned......Oh, and you are right, some of Southpark is indeed brilliant satire. I never really paid attention to it until you passed, and I am sorry for that.
Mark (for other readers, our elderly black lab) is still eating and drinking, but is preparing to join you both soon. For all the illnesses that poor dog has weathered, he certainly is the "Energizer Doggie".
I hope you and Papa L. are enjoying Heaven, yet can see all that we are doing here, in remembrance of you both. I love you both wider than the oceans and deeper than the seas.

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