Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Cracked Easter

Daniel and Dad, I am hoping you both had the most wonderful of Easters. I would imagine that Heaven has a wonderful celebration. I apologize for the one we had, or really didn't have, this year. Last year I struggled to have the annual Easter Egg Hunt that Daniel, in particular loved so much. I very much wanted him to see that we would proceed as he would want. This year, we are consumed with taking care of Mark, our dear canine friend, who needs turning, feeding, watering, all by hand. We would euthanize him if he were in pain, but he still wishes to eat and drink and is still joyous when he sees us, and so no matter how time consuming the work of caring for him, he is deserving. I also was sick the day before and lost valuable planning time. This year I had planned to fill the eggs with quarters, or different wrapped candies. The extreme heat (82 today) would have made the chocolate a disaster, and so we will have the egg hunt on another day. I think of you both all the time. Most days I function well and you both would be pleased, but there are days like today where I just miss you, and nothing else much matters. Please tell Jesus that Mark is almost ready to be called. I love you both so very much.

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