Thursday, April 29, 2010

Where I Imagine You Are

So far my dear son, I don't know much about Heaven other than knowing from so many I trust that it is inexplicably wondrous beyond imagining, not just a new physical place without the constraints of our apparently frail human bodies.
Sometimes as I long for you and Dad, I imagine where you might spend some of your time.
The picture above is where I think you and Dad might summer, in a cottage-y, place near a beautiful sea, with wildlife, peace, and a gentle breeze. I know that men of the universe such as you and Dad would not be content to remain in one place all year. I know that between worship, and work you are doing for God, that you play hard as well in discovering all that the Heavens have in store.
As a limited human myself, I can only imagine the places you might consider home as you take a breath. Know that as you look and check on me, we are thinking of you.
Greetings and love from lower Earth.

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