Friday, June 24, 2011

Morning Visit

This morning I got up around five am, checked e-mail, spoke to my husband, and around six, I apparently fell back to sleep. As I slept I had the following dream. Stephanie and Adam were away, but Daniel was next to me sitting in a wheelchair talking normally. We were both watching Matthew do some type of sport. We were following Matthew and watching him over lots of green grassed hilly fields. Daniel conveyed several points in the dream. One was that the way things are, his being away from us in flesh, had to be. Another was that he will always be with us while we finish our journey here. Another was that he will always find a way to let us know that he is. Then, he told me that if he had been resuscitated that day, then he would have been in a wheelchair, and he said he would not have liked to have had to have me push him around all the time throughout life. I said I would have taken him here any way I could have gotten him. We laughed and I kissed him on the cheek,and then the dream was over. I woke up groggy, but feeling as if Daniel did come to our home on Earth to touch base with me.
This morning when I checked the statistics and keywords used on internet searches in the past 24 hours which arrived at this blog, someone has run a nickname I had for Daniel, which no one but the family knows and is not on this blog. The kids all say they did not search this name. I wonder ?

This is an eight year old gospel singer, Rhema Marvanne, whose mother resides in Heaven.

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