Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday: Implanted Defibrillator 1, Sudden Cardiac Death 0

A picture of Evander Sno doing what he loves.

        I am always happy when I hear that someone recovers from, and walks away from a cardiac arrest.   Evander Sno, 25,  is a Dutchman who plays football (soccer) for a variety of teams in Europe.  An hour ago, Reuters reported that Sno experienced a cardiac arrest and collapse, but when his internal defibrillator sensed this cataclysmic disturbance in heart rhythm, it fired, allowing him to walk off the field.
        Mr. Sno is one of the lucky ones.  His prior cardiac arrest was recoverable and brought attention to the fact that he has an episodic potentially life threatening disturbance in heart rhythm on occasion.  So many people do, and do not know, and like our Daniel, die the first time a potentially lethal heart rhythm leads to a cardiac arrest.  Daniel did not respond to immediate CPR, but may have responded to an AED, and most certainly would have responded to the firings of an implanted defibrillator, if only someone had known he needed one.
        Evander Sno experienced a full cardiac arrest in September 2010 while playing a game.  Paramedics were able to resuscitate him after ten minutes using a defibrillator. Physicians took the "precautionary" step of inserting an implanted defibrillator during that particular hospitalization.  It's an awfully good thing they did.  Congratulations, Evander.   We are glad you remain here in order to finish out your life on Earth.

Evander Sno, has played for Scotland, different British clubs, and others.

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