Saturday, September 29, 2012

Safe Shopping


    It's Autumn once again, and once more, in order not to stand still and think too much about this time of year.  This season took my mother in law in the 1990s, my aunt in 2000,  beloved Golden Retriever Susan in 2006, my mother in 2007, my father and Daniel within about a month of each other in 2008.   You would think that I look upon this time of year with some level of trepidation, but I do not.  I simply realize that life is spinning faster and faster and that there is still much to do before I too leave the Earth when I am called.
      So, I spend the Fall with a nervous energy a bit like a wound top.  This morning I could not decide whether my daughter and I should attend an Estate Sale looking for furniture she needs, or whether I should take James to the county fair.  My daughter and I could have finished the second coat of paint on the interior doors to her guestroom. We could have raked her back yard.
      Instead, we spent time looking for a safe for her camera equipment.  We went to several shops only to find that theft wasn't our only concern, and that such a safe would need to be fireproof for a certain period of time also.  Then we met my eldest son for lunch at a favorite delicatessen.  We had a really pleasant day, but came home no closer to selecting anything. The small ones were too small and the large ones, too big for the space she has allocated. I wonder if an upright freezer with a key mechanism would do the trick ?

This is what she could use for her photography equipment.


This is what she can actually afford.


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  2. Thanks. We are still looking for a photography equipment safe. Perhaps Santa Claus will have some ideas.


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