Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: A Hybrid Storm of Epic Proportions

The scope of this storm is great.  It will likely combine with a westerly storm which is not shown on this graphic.  (Graphic: NOAA)

   As many of you who follow this blog know, we homeschooled Daniel. One of the ways we taught history, weather and preparedness, was to have him help us ready for storms and set up and review emergency kits with us.  I have no doubt that he would have enjoyed helping to set up the animals, particularly the alpacas, for this superstorm being referred to as "Frankenstorm".   I know Daniel would have been fascinated by how Hurricane Sandy might join a forming Noreaster, and morph into a rare hybrid storm, which incidentally will occur over a full moon, which will enhance the tides.

These are Hurricane Sandy Rainfall Potentials on Day One.  (Graphic: NOAA)


      Although Daniel is no longer here on Earth to explain the complexities of why this storm is so dangerous and may well be a hybrid storm of century proportions, I will try a little.  More than 50 million people in the Eastern US will be affected by this storm.  Schools, and universities are closed. Mandatory coastal evacuations have occurred in anticipation of it's coming inland in now eight states.  The NY subway system has closed.   Do whatever is recommended in order to remain safe from this storm. It's breadth is greater than eight-hundred miles. It also is fairly slowly moving, which means that it could stay put for longer than normal, causing unprecedented flooding in some places.  Power companies along the Eastern US are predicting potential power outages of one to two weeks, due to anticipated ground saturation and then winds which will topple trees over distributive power lines.
        Wherever you are, heed the warnings and do your best to keep your animals safe also. Daniel would expect nothing less !  Stay safe everyone.

This is the Hurricane Sandy Situation Page:

"Sandy" from 1976   By: The Carpenters

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