Thursday, May 23, 2013

Carving the Time to Just Be


   Once again, we have reached this time of year.  The time after Daniel's birthday in early May, was spent finishing up homeschooling, and readying the farm for Summer, when perhaps the heat and blinding humidity would make it harder to do some things as the year moved on.  In my memories we spent so much time running, and doing.  I spent less time just being, than perhaps I should have.  We always needed to be doing something at break neck speed.  Looking back I don't think this was true of Daniel. More than anyone else I have ever known, I think he really did carve out time for things he wanted to do, and sometimes, just to be.  He loved our animals, and he was good about visiting even when they didn't need anything, just to give them a kind word.
         Daniel, I feel you with me as an important part of my life here. I miss your physical presence here on Earth, but I know that God must call those for whom Heaven must pinch hit, while they are gone.  I send all my love.


  1. dear, sweet Jane - i often look at the different pictures of Daniel that you have posted here and i always see an amazing ability to "just be" in his eyes. it might sound wacko, but when i first saw the movie "Ever After" starring Drew Barrymore (it is a certain take on the cinderella story), i was sooooo moved by one line. the faery godmother has arrived (michaelangelo if you can believe it), has dressed her and sent her to the ball. she approaches the outdoor ball and it is overwhelming to say the least, with hundreds of people all dressed in their finest. she stops and whispers to herself, "breathe. just breathe."

    at the time that i saw the movie, my life was spinning out of control with 55hr work weeks, week long presentations at conferences once a month all over Canada, the US and Australia, no time at home, no time with jambaloney and no time with my cats - i was sooo overwhelmed and then i saw that movie and the line "just breathe". i think it was then that i started to change. i have tried to live my life on that premise since first hearing it. it was at that time that jambaloney and i first became city preppers, and then eventually moved here full-time to our island.

    all of this long-drawn out comment to say that when i look at Daniel's eyes...i feel that his eyes say "just breathe". that movie was the first time i heard that sentence, and in Daniel's eyes i see that sentence.

    i just wanted to share this observation of mine with you to say that i think you are truly on to something when you say that he must have known how to just "be". i think that you are dead right (but then i often think that about you).

    sorry if this is long in the tooth. your friend,

    1. Kymber, Yes, Daniel had the absolute ability to "just be". Not much frazzled him and he approached most things with calm, even when he had anticipation for whatever it was. I am so glad you found your way to "just be". I am afraid I work on it sometimes, succeeding in some moments, and working hard to achieve it in others. Have a wonderful beautiful weekend. Love to both you, and Jam.


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