Monday, August 19, 2013

The Ride Can Be Short and It Can Turn on a Dime


 My eldest son told me this week that he had run into an acquaintance we hadn't seen for a number of years. We had assumed she had moved.  It turned out that she hadn't.  The death of her husband had necessitated her return to work full time, and this had taken her away from the places where she might normally have seen us.  She was not only unaware of the passing of Daniel, but she didn't do particularly well with the news. She saw him quite a bit when he was three and four when we visited a particular shop often.
             I thought about all of this and realized what really goes without saying. This is a temporary trip. One hundred percent of us return to the God who sent us on this excursion. Sometimes such a return occurs without notice, and to a young person.  No one is guaranteed eighty or a hundred years on Earth.  Make sure that everyone you love knows it, and that they receive your best effort daily.  It could be a short ride.

Five for Fighting                                                   100 Years

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