Sunday, August 25, 2013

When Will the Heaven Begin ? A Book of Inspiration.

This is Ally Breedlove. You can see the family resemblance to Ben.

                  One of the most popular posts I have written about a person other than Daniel on this blog has been the post I wrote concerning Ben Breedlove.   Ben is a teen who was known to have had dilated cardiomyopathy, and who experienced numerous sudden death experiences in his teens.   Before he passed, Ben, who enjoyed his life immensely, conveyed on cards via video on You-tube, what his heavenly experiences were like for the rest of us. Ben passed away on Christmas Day, 2011.
                    This was an immensely kind thing for him to do.  His videos coincided with a difficult time I was having in terms of missing Daniel, and these videos, and the smiling face of this young man was immensely inspiring and supportive to me, and to thousands and thousands of other people also. Some of us had lost loved ones, and others grappled a potentially fatal illness.  Ben was an inspiration to us all.
                  I have always hoped that Ben's family would find a way to write a book about him, his times, and his experiences.  I think many people, besides myself suggested such a thing.  I learned this week that Ben's sister Ally has written such a book, which appears below.  I recommend it to anyone who has lost someone to Heaven, for inspiration in general and especially for those moments when faith seems thin.

  My earlier post on Ben Breedlove can be found here:

You can buy this book from Amazon at the following link:

It can be pre-ordered now, but will be broadly available October 29, 2013

               It comforts me to think that our Daniel, who passed of a rhythm disturbance that occurred spontaneously, is with Ben, who knew for an extended period that his enlarged heart predisposed him to potentially deadly sudden arrhythmic episodes.  It comforts me to consider the possibility that perhaps they are now friends.


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