Thursday, January 23, 2014

Messages from Daniel


  I can go quite a time now without seeing Daniel or hearing about him in a dream.    Last night however, I heard from him twice.    In the first dream, some time before three am, I dreamt that my husband and I were busily running an errand.    My husband told me in the dream, that Daniel would be out the rest of the afternoon.  He was out with his new friend and they were practicing target shooting with their new rifles.  In the dream I was disappointed, because I had hoped to see him and spend time with him when we got home that day.

                      Of course, I woke up and I don't have the option of completing an important errand and seeing Daniel here at the house afterward.

                       Later, I fell back to sleep and this time I saw Daniel.   He was as happy and as animated as I remember.   "Grandma (my husband's mother) said that I should stop by and see you." he said.     "Thank you, sweetheart.  You know how much I love you", I said.    "How are you ?"    I asked.    Then, he began to tell me of all the magical things he was learning and of all the people he was meeting.   He spoke faster than my brain could process, and I am afraid I didn't retain much.  I did get the idea that he is safe and well.

                    I have come to believe that although some of these types of dreams come from my own brain, creating a safe place where I can remember our beloved Daniel, but that these " sightings in dreams" don't all originate this way.   I have had dreams in which I have received information from Daniel and from my Dad, which turned out to be factually accurate later.

                  So, I believe that Daniel visited last night, just to let me know that he is fine, and is thriving.  He knows we love to hear from him.  Perhaps this is God's way of making our remaining time on Earth tolerable without Daniel, especially when life in the US right now, is so uncertain and scary.

                  If you have a loved one who has gone on ahead of you, perhaps you can hear from them also by being open to hearing from them in dreams.   I hear from Daniel and my Dad and others usually between 3 and 4 am, but sometimes as late as 5 am.   I certainly appreciate the encouragement !

Music                  Sarah Slean                      "Notes from the Underground"


  1. I have wondered about dreams. I have never shared this subject on my blog for fear of remarks of she is nuts. I have prayed to God many times to send my boy to me in my dreams to show me where he is and how he is. If I just knew for sure he was happy and fine and was content where he is I would not continue to ask God to send him back to me. A local woman who lost her daughter has shared some of her dreams where her daughter comes to her. I think this is wonderful. For six months before my sons death I had the same dream over and over. In that dream I saw him dead in like flashes of a slide show. I woke with such fear each time. I would go to his bedside just to check him and pray. I continually spoke to him of salvation and to be careful. Of how much I love him and could never take losing him. He always assured me it will be ok. But it was not. So much of what I dreamed came true. To this day I question why I couldn't stop it. The part that didn't come true was I saw myself in a hospital dieing with my family around me. I could see my son by the wall alone waiting for me and no one else could see him or spoke of him. To this day I do believe I will be the next to leave. He is there waiting for me. I have researched dream meanings. I read when so connected to a loved one you can sence their coming death some times and God will use you to speak to them that time is near. So if true. Believing this is sometimes the only thing that gets me by minute by minute. If I couldn't stop his death did I lead him to salvation? Was that the reason for the dreams. If so I would think the dream visits of Daniel are a sign he is ok. I know for sure the heart never completely heals from the loss of a child and a mother's love continues to carry on for that child. Hug and Prayers

  2. In my experiences with grieving mothers support groups, most of them, over time, do say that they have had dreams in the form of a "visitation" from the child they have lost. Some of them have received more than simple visits in those dreams and some provide some factual data, more or less. I spent a long time believing that I would be next and that Daniel was called first, in part to avoid the grief of having lost his mother. Now, I don't know when I will be called. It doesn't matter. God has a plan. He will hold our boys in a loving light with peace until we see them again, and all will be made clear. Until then, the tidbits in dreams will have to be enough for us. Love to you and yours,


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