Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day 2014

We have horses in chocolate colors and here we have horses made of chocolate.

           After the passing of a child, even five years down the road, holidays can be difficult and they can be added to a stack of holidays that just simply didn't live up to the ones you thought you could anticipate, had that child been alive.  The day is not only not what you had intended for yourself, but not what you had anticipated for your child.  This would be a Valentine's Day in which Daniel would have been 17 and only three months from his eighteenth birthday.  This might have been a special date night for him.
 Unfortunately, this is not the timeline we have on our own trip to Earth.  In this timeline we have time remaining for the rest of us here on Earth without him, and so we are faced with the challenge of making this time count and be meaningful, not only to those of us in the family who remain, but to Daniel also.
   This years Valentine's Day post will appear on another one of my blogs located at the link below.

 I hope that you too with find some joy and some meaning from it. I think Daniel would approve of the manner in which we spent our time today.

               Chocolate Horses

Happy Valentine's Day

"The Only Name (Yours Will Be)"          by Big Daddy Weave

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