Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Prayers to Malaysia

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   A few days ago, a Malaysian Air flight bound from Kuala Lampur to Beijing disappeared from radar.  More than two hundred people were aboard including two infants, and souls from all over the world.   The nations in that region of the world looked for the plane, but to no avail.   Possible oil on the ocean as seen from the air turned out not to be.  A possible door in the water turned out not to be. There has been great focus on two of the passengers of this flight who were in possession of stolen passports. One theory is that they intended to defect from their nation, Iran.

           The cellphones of some of the people on that flight were still sending signals as late as yesterday according to one news source. This would not be if the plane had crashed before its expected arrival in Beijing.

            For the moment, no one knows what happened.  The hope is that some type of a hijacking occurred and that the plane and its passengers have landed somewhere that is simply not yet known to the world.  And so, we know next to nothing about what has happened here.  Until we do, our prayers are for the people on the Malaysian Air flight that is missing, and certainly with their families who are certainly having a difficult time.  Prayers and best wishes to you all.

Update:    March 16, 2014

I would generally write an updated summary of all of the news from a variety of sources.  However, this time, the best analysis of the data we have can be found here:

Interesting Theoretical but Educated Suppositions:


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