Monday, March 3, 2014

The Severity of the Snowstorm

There is snow everywhere.

                   There have been years here in Virginia where I haven't worn an actual coat through the entire Winter. The Winter of 1989 was one of those years.  It was a bit like a perpetual Spring.   Given this year, however, it's hard to believe we are in about the same zone.

                     This year we have had multiple ice storms, power outages, and deep snow.  The drifted snow was so deep in one storm this season, that the horses couldn't leave the barn, and spent the day in stalls listening to the only station that would still come in, NPR.    Today, it's March and overnight we had freezing rain, and then we were expected to have a foot of snow.   My husband headed off to work and came back when the truck moved sideways on the mountain road rather than moving forward.  He will work from home today.   James had an appointment with his doctor this morning which had been rescheduled the result of an ice storm about two weeks ago.  We had still planned to go today thinking that the interstate would be clear by the time our appointment rolled around.  The doctors office initially had planned to open late, and then as our appointment neared, they placed a recording on their answering machine which said that they had closed today "due to the severity of the snowstorm".

                    This is a bit ironic when you consider that the Wal-Mart and many other stores had already discounted gloves, hats, shovels, pet safe salt crystals for walkways, and all manner of windshield scrapers and brushes.  It's a good thing I have lots of tea.

                As I think of the birds eating from the bird feeder, I am a little sad.   Daniel loved the snow and playing in it. It seems to me that he didn't get nearly enough playtime in the snow in the short twelve and a half  years he was stationed here on Earth.    I love you, Daniel.   Please tell my Dad I love him too. I miss both of you, every day, and most especially during snowstorms !

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