Sunday, May 18, 2014

Graduation 2014


   This week was filled with the busy whir of multiple graduations.   One of Daniel's brothers (our son Matt) graduated from college, as did one of Daniel's friends.  It still hurts unexpectedly when a friend or contemporary of Daniel's reaches a milestone here on Earth that Daniel will never reach here. During the reception afterward, we saw many people who had met or knew Daniel. I wonder if I will ever attend a graduation reception without thinking how much Daniel would have enjoyed it.    Most of the time I can summon the mettle to tell myself that God has a plan and that Daniel achieves great things in our next life, and also that Daniel was always God's to call. Sometimes the sorrow catches us unexpectedly, especially during life's milestones, particularly those of his siblings.   Certainly, if I, a mere human woman, understands how fine a person Daniel was from his time here, then God would know also.

                           So I persist in this strange world, doing my best and raising our remaining family and our animals as best I can.   Daniel's brother who graduated this week will be going to yet another university for an additional degree. With the economy persisting in tatters and jobs as scarce as hen's teeth,  this is probably a very good idea.



                     And so now, a Summer break begins.    Appreciate the family you have left with you. Keep them safe this Summer, and enjoy the days we all have remaining.  I will try to do the same.


  1. Life is so complicated for bereaved mothers. There is no longer just simple joy and sheer pleasure. While you celebrate a marvelous achievement for one child, the fact that another beloved child is left behind sits in your heart.

    1. I think it is complicated for bereaved fathers also, although at least bereaved mothers may feel it socially acceptable to discuss their feelings. Sadly, bereaved fathers may not. Thank you for your post. They are always appreciated.

  2. Yes, I didn't mean to exclude fathers. My husband is suffering every bit as much as I am.

  3. Yes, I knew you probably meant parent. My husband has also had a distinctly different journey than my own. I have fared better because I have so many memories and time spent with Daniel, whereas he did not have as much time. In a way, he has more to grieve. There are even more moments lost for him, and even more times that will never be. Thank you for your post. It's a tough subject.


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