Thursday, May 15, 2014

Meet Nancy Capelle

Nancy Capelle, EMT, CET

         I usually discuss sudden cardiac arrests as they apply to Sudden Cardiac Arrhythmias, or heart rhythm disturbances.  Today I would like to tell you about another type of cardiac issue which can also cause arrhythmia and sudden death.

               Nancy Capelle was a Connecticut wife and mother who commuted to a job in the corporate world. She loved her job and it meant a good deal to her.  One day, at only forty, while she was home with her two young daughters, she developed some chest pains.  Nancy is an educated woman, and had a history of esophageal spasm, which in itself can be quite uncomfortable, and so she sat at the computer expecting this to pass.  Her chest pain continued to radiate to the back, and to her left arm and to her jaw.  She was a healthy, beautiful woman of forty, who was of normal weight, and who liked to run for recreation with her husband.  She googled her symptoms before eventually calling an ambulance.  Nancy experienced a full cardiac arrest in the ambulance while the ambulance turned out of her driveway.  A diligent paramedic first tried a precordial thump, which was ineffective and then used a hospital grade defibrillator which saved Nancy's life.

               The cause of Nancy's cardiac arrest was not high cholesterol, or a bad diet, or stress, but is something called spontaneous coronary artery dissection  (SCAD)       SCAD afflicts women 80% of the time, and has a 70% mortality rate.  Yes, that's correct. 70% of the time, afflicted patients die.

             Fortunately for everyone, as a result of her experience, Nancy has devoted herself no longer to the corporate world, but to CPR, AED education and to educating others concerning cardiac sudden death of all varieties.  Nancy is now a motivational speaker and the founder of Cardiac Companion LLC.

             If anyone, particularly those in the US Northeast would like to talk to Nancy, for television or radio appearances, or as an excellent organizational or corporate speaker, this is contact information for her.  I think Daniel would wholeheartedly approve of the manner in which she is spending her time !


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