Monday, September 22, 2014

Milestones Daniel Might Have Missed

(Photograph: Copyright 2014  Krehbiel Fotographie.)

                We miss Daniel, in the flesh, every day here.  Each day there is something happening he would have especially enjoyed, or sometimes there is a holiday and  we have some type of dinner or food he might enjoy.   However, we know that tomorrow that Daniel will be looking in on his sister Stephanie.   Stephanie, in the photograph above,  is our eldest and Daniel is our youngest child.  They were especially close during Daniel's time on Earth.  Stephanie is a degreed professional artist and photographer.  In the photo above, she is experimenting with photography in a mirror.  It's funny that in a quick glance I am reminded of how my mother looked as a twenty-something in pictures.

                 Tomorrow, we reach one of those milestones that Daniel might have missed.   Stephanie, a juvenile diabetic from young childhood, will be admitted to the hospital to have her first child.  I know that Daniel will be there and will be sharing in the joy of those moments.

Our daughter, nine months pregnant, taken yesterday. (Photo: Copyright 2014 Krehbiel Design)(

                      Prayers and good wishes are appreciated as she enters the home stretch of a high risk pregnancy and delivery.   I'll let you know if I hear echoes of Daniel while I am there.

                   Love to all,


  1. I find it odd that when you look at your beloved daughter, you see your mother. I see YOU. Every detail is of you. So there are three generations of women who could have been triplets. Every detail of Daniel can be seen in both of you. Without a doubt, he's going to be smiling at his first niece or nephew and thinking how much that baby looks like the women he loves.
    Blessings on the delivery.

  2. Somehow, I did not know you had a pregnant daughter. She and Daniel look so much like you. She looks like what I might expect you looked like at a younger age. So, your mother looked like you, too. Best wishes for the baby and your daughter.

  3. Thank you for all the comments. I have been away for a week doing private duty on my daughter and her son in the hospital. I will be home soon, with lots of posts and pictures.
    Love to all,


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