Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Unfinished Online Business

Dear Daniel,

           When you passed so suddenly six years ago there were many things I could not do, and in the shock, many things that were not immediately available to my memory.  You loved the internet and had quite a life there. Although I had been a part of setting up those accounts initially, because you had been so young, I not only didn't recall your passwords, but I couldn't remember where the paperwork where I kept them had been.  This was sad because you completely disappeared from your internet haunts and from computer gaming with no explanation to internet friends.  Some time later your brother Matt did inform some of the groups where you and he had been members, but I have always felt that I failed you by not properly managing your internet legacy.

              Today, while getting a jump start on early Spring cleaning, I was working on filing and throwing away a stack of papers I found in a file stuck between furniture in my room and the bed. From the receipts and paperwork most of which I threw away, it had been there for quite some time.  One of the papers I found was the registration confirmation to your e-mail account.   I had long since forgotten your ID and your password was penciled in below it.   You hadn't used this account since November of 2008.  Well, I am assuming that because this is when you ceased to occupy your flesh suit here on Earth.  I don't know why, but I decided to log on and see if your account still exists.  Apparently, following a period of disuse, the id again becomes available.  I decided to reregister all your information as it was,  in case any of your friends ever try to contact you, in future. At least I could tell them what happened.   Everything we had registered before is now entered, except that they needed a longer password that we had used initially, and they needed a cellular phone number. I used the same pseudonym you has used before.

              I don't really know why I did this. Perhaps in some small way, having your e-mail address reactivated means that you never really died.  Maybe you just exist on a plane of thought and energy and can check e-mail telepathically.   Maybe in some way, you are aided by having your e-mail activated.  Maybe you will simply recall how important you were and are here among the family you have still tied to Earth.

             Feel free to shoot me an e-mail.   With an e-mail address, you could review the book I wrote about you.   In all seriousness now, you are, and always will be, truly loved and truly missed.

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