Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pegasus at Christmas

Today I spent all day at the hospital. My eldest son Adam needed his impacted wisdom teeth extracted, and as a result of his Crohn's disease and cardiac history,(and for that matter, what happened to Dan) this necessitated an in-hospital, and in-OR surgery with the possibility of admission afterward, rather than the oral surgeon office procedures that my daughter and I had some time ago.
While he was in the OR and then in recovery for a lengthy period, I walked the mammoth hospital halls as I filled the pain med prescription his doctor had given me. This of course, was the hospital where Daniel's autopsy had taken place, and I walked right by those offices.
When I returned, Pegasus, the critical care helicopter and a large number of the staff were having a gathering. Although these were not all of the people who were there for Daniel's day, and for his passing, they remembered the case, from one year ago. They were very kind, and we recalled what had happened that day. They were anxious to hear how all of us were doing now. I now have a couple of Pegasus pins for Daniel's Pegasus cap which sits in his room.
How I wish, as we inch toward another Christmas, that something else had occurred that day. It would be so wonderful to have Daniel here with us, rather than in the Heavens.
By the way, Adam did well, and seems to be recovering slowly.

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