Wednesday, December 9, 2009

As Christmas Looms....What Would Daniel Do ?

When Daniel was here on Earth, in his beautiful flesh suit, he was concerned about children who did not have permanent homes with their parents. He verbalized a number of times how difficult it must be for children to be in foster care. He was very appreciative that he lived with both of his parents and siblings, that we always had a roof over our heads, and that we had enough to eat and adequate clothing.
This difficult holiday season, please take a look at

Although Daniel never knew of this particular charity whose mission is to provide suitcases and personal items to foster children, so that they no longer tote their belongings place to place in a giant Glad bag, he would be excited about the work they are doing. This program is run by Connie Bellows who spent many of her own younger years in foster care.
This holiday season, love your parents, love your children, love your pets, love your friends, and love your spouse. I will leave the order of all of that to you.

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