Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Christmas Stocking Letter

My dearest Daniel,

You may remember that I placed a letter in your Christmas stocking last year, just 27 days after your passing. Last Christmas, we had gifts you'd helped to select and selected for us, and so it was very clear that you were with us for Christmas. This year has been lonely without you. It doesn't seem worth the preparation of Christmas if you're not here in the flesh to enjoy it with us. It helps to know that you look down each day and see what we are doing, and because of this, we try. We still have the tree and the decorations and all the music. We still delivered all the neighbor gifts (more this year) in memory of you. We still have your stocking up, and you are the angel on the star on the top of our tree....yes, a real one as you liked also.
Please know that we still bought you gifts. We will unwrap them tomorrow with the others. They are things you would have liked, that will be opened and placed in your room, and we will borrow them and remember you and all of the things you liked while you were here.
Please know we love you more now than we ever did. Each of us love you wider than the oceans and deeper than all the seas. Knowing we will see you again gives us strength in difficult times.
Mark is not doing well this evening. Our dear doggie is elderly and has had such serious health problems that I don't think he will see the New Year. I know if he passes, you and Dad will watch him as you do the other animals. I send Christmas wishes to Papa L, and to you.
Merry Christmas. I am so proud of you both.

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