Sunday, May 8, 2011

Another Mother's Day

I may have said this before. I am not much on the American commercial holiday called "Mother's Day" which is today. This is the day in which families are supposed to honor their mothers, take them out for a meal, give them flowers and a gift. It's a bit like a supplemental birthday. It's not that I begrudge mothers a special day or these special things, but I don't know that one day covers it. For myself, I would rather be treated kindly and respectfully the entire year, and then let Mother's Day go by as a day where we do what we need to do as a family. My mother also was of this opinion, although I think she didn't like it much if we didn't do much on Mother's Day. When I look at my kids, I realize that they are always willing to help me. Adam is putting up cabinets in the garage for me, which will help me store some things there. Stephanie draws me pictures and take photographs for me when I need them, and Matt takes over my animal chores when I need him to. James, in his own way is loving and respectful, and my husband is tolerant of my flexible ideas about being a wife on occasion. When Daniel was here, he would bring me breakfast in bed. I miss that guy ! Couple my lukewarm feelings about the day with the loss of one of my children, and the fact that Daniel has a birthday each year just days before, and is has real potential to be a very depressing day.
Furthermore, if Mother's Day, many times, seems to me to be a day in which people make amends to their mother, then I don't feel anyone here needs to make amends to me. I think they treat me with love, respect and and tolerance pretty much the entire year. I do hope my own Mom understands that I wish her a Happy Mother's Day in Heaven. To those of you who do consider this an important holiday, I hope you have a truly wonderful one as well.

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