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Where is Jonny Dorey ?

This 22 year old student, Jonny Dorey has been missing from Virginia Commonwealth University since March 2, 2010 .

This is a bicycle similar to the one belonging to Jonny Dorey that was with him when he disappeared. It has never been found. His bicycle and the one in the picture is an Azonic Steelhead.

I was lucky enough recently to locate a picture of Jonny's actual bicycle on the internet. It is posted above. It has not been seen since his disappearance.

I am really very lucky in many ways. This may sound counter-intuitive as it's written on a blog which discusses our lives and our adjustments and grief following the passing of our own beloved son Daniel, but nonetheless, it's true. Daniel passed, quickly with a minimum of suffering, if any, and although we don't have the clearest picture on autopsy, we know some things. The mystery in our lives is confined to what happened which caused his cardiac arrest,but we know that our dear son is gone. I generally recognize this when I hear of another family who has lost a child to violence, kidnapping or a nonspecific loss of some kind, particularly when the child's whereabouts remains unknown,sometimes for years following their disappearance. Enduring a missing child must be beyond imagining.
Some time ago, I mentioned that Virginia Commonwealth University exchange student Jonathan Dorey,from Guernsey, in the United Kingdom, has been missing for some time. Newspapers indicate that he was seen on Rockett's Landing near VCU on March 2, 2010. He and his bicycle have never been found, although his backpack was found near The James River, at Rockett's Landing. His family has had a memorial service and believes that he may have been depressed and took chances by swimming in the James. The James is known for difficult currents and rocks, and has taken many lives over the years. I am not so sure. I am bothered that his mountain bike has never been located, nor has a body. I am wondering if this young man is experiencing a fugue, and has forgotten who he is. The bike appears very much like the one in the picture above, but had a red stripe on the seat when it went missing.
I have posted pictures of Jonathan Dorey, and his bicycle, in the hope that SOMEONE can get their missing son back, even if I cannot. Please take a look wherever you are. Jonny should have an English accent, and was studying geography.(Although there are people who experiencememory loss and use a completely different accent, so he may sound American) He is a very accomplished mountain biker and the bike which disappeared with him, has also never been found. I have a theory in which he may also be an accomplished outdoorsman. Thank you.

If you have any information, or you ARE Jonny with perhaps a missing memory, please contact:
The FBI at:

Jonny's family has had a memorial for him, and they believe that it is possible that he had an emotional breakdown which led to an intended or accidental suicide. Until there is a body found, I am not so sure. In fact,I will go furthur, I am unconvinced that he has passed.

Whatever the truth is, families need to know this.


This is a message to Jonny from my own family and I, should he read this blog post.


Knowing both England and the environs of VCU, I can imagine how such a change would be so incredibly overwhelming. If you are reading these blog posts, then you know that some of my children completed VCU, but that our youngest son has passed. There is nothing I can do to have Daniel rejoin me here on Earth, and honestly, I would love to have him here and would do almost anything to have such a thing happen,but this is not an option for me, or for my family.
If you are alive, it does not matter what has happened or what you choose to do now with your life. There would be absolutely no judgment now. The joy your family would experience in knowing you are alive, is beyond your own imagining, believe me. Have someone let your family know that you are alive, and that you will be in touch another time. May God bless you and keep you safe.

UPDATE: March, 3, 2013, It has now been three years since the disappearance of Jonny Dorey.  According to police, no body or any additional information on Jonny Dorey's disappearance has ever been found. His bicycle has also never been located. This post remains one of our blog's most frequently visited posts. There has also been a renewed interest in Jonny's case by the public following the disappearance of another VCU student, also 22 at the time of his disappearance, Ian Burnet, who disappeared from NY.  Jonny also traveled considerably in the US during his time at VCU.

Our own updated post here:



  1. Could there be any link with the recent arrest of suspected serial killer Jesse Matthews? I hope the police look into this.

    1. Just now, although things look rather bad for Jesse Matthews, he has not yet been convicted. We are therefore simply speculating.
      In the broadest of general terms, most serial killers at least statistically, tend to be predators within one sex. One might prefer blonde women, another might prefer diminutive women, etc. Interestingly, statistically most serial killers are white, with few being of African American extraction (although there was one I recall from Atlanta.) With regard to your question, I think that IF Mr. Matthew is the killer than we may find more victims but I expect those victims to be female. The killers of young men usually restrict themselves to young men at least statistically.
      I still hope that Jonny Dorey experienced a fugue state following a traumatic event and that he is still alive and functioning somewhere in the US. He is a highly capable outdoorsman. I would prefer to believe that anyone missing could be found alive until we have evidence otherwise. Thank you for your interesting question. In my travels, I look at faces every day looking for both Jonny and for Ian Burnet.


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