Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Daniel- 2011

This week is the third birthday you have had since ascending to the dimension we Earth-dwellers refer to as Heaven. You have been gone from Earth for two and a half years. You would be fifteen this week. Oh how I would love to have you here ! If you were here,of course what we would do would be your choice! So much has changed locally since you were here. This week, I heard that the Wii is being replaced by something else. I'm sorry I did not get the Wii fast enough for you to have one when you were here, but I did set up one in your room downstairs. We play it sometimes, and I have an avatar in it which looks a lot like you did at 12 1/2, and is named Daniel. I try to do some of the things I think you would have liked with James, who is 15 already, and will be 16 later in the summer. James and Matthew found this restaurant called Hibachi. They serve buffet style for flat rate, no less than 400 plus choices of food. There is a salad bar with everything you could imagine. There is a potato bar, a cooked Asian food specialty area, a cooked American specialty bar, a sushi bar, a fruit bar, a dessert bar, a chocolate fountain so that you can have fruit dipped. There is also a make your own ice cream bar. It is a hungry male teen paradise. I think about you when we go there. They make money from me when we go there because I can only eat some shrimp cocktail and some baked salmon and some baked potatoes, and a small Chinese cake square. I remember how when we brought home Chinese food when we were on our way home from the city to the farm, how you loved General Tso's Chicken, but not as much as Beef and Brocolli, and Chicken Fried Rice. If you were on Earth for your birthday, perhaps you would want to go to Hibachi. I know you would have so much to tell me, and we could spend time on the farm with (your) Dad, and your siblings and I. The animals here would still celebrate and know you and be happy to see you. How I wish you and (my) Dad, Papa L. could come for just an Earth day.
We have done a lot on the farm turning it to a place where all your animals can be safe, happy and productive. We are growing more of our own food. Gosh Daniel, and Dad, I love you both so much. I think about you, what you are doing, and how much you are missed many times each day, and I still work to make you, and to make God proud of me. Happy Birthday Daniel. I know it has less meaning there than it did here, but I remember everything about you now. It's as if every memory has been dipped in gold, and is bright and very special. We will be connected through eternity, and I know this. That's how special our time together is !
In lieu of your visiting though, I think we will continue to do some more of the "senseless acts of kindness" we do in remembering you. I know you know what they are. I think we will also give treats to your animals. Happy Birthday my bug !

I thought you might enjoy this !

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