Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy Birthday JT !

JT is the eldest son of a friend of mine. JT passed overnight one night in 2007, at home, from what had appeared to be an ordinary case of the flu. This energetic soul of a boy  was seven and a half at the time of his passing. He had many friends in church, in his homeschoolers group, and at karate, that even years later, he is sorely missed. He left Earth the year before Daniel, and I like to believe that he and Daniel are friends and that they share cosmic jokes from time to time.
Today, on JT's birthday, let's remember how lucky we are to have our children, whether it's 7 years, 12 years, 38 years or 60 years with them. The world we see is temporary and eventually falls away. Lets be sure to think about, and have some of our soul dwell in the next place also. Happy Birthday JT. You are never forgotten.

This is a link to JT's karate fund.


If JT were still with us, he could help us all make sense of pre-teen angst, as is the subject of this song by someone who looks to be about the age JT would now be.

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