Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tornadoes In Virginia

Photo courtesy of "The Hook" Charlottesville, Virginia (Photo not attributed furthur)

Daniel and our family prepared for, and successfully avoided damage here on the farm, from many tornadoes over his short lifetime. I remember being here on this farm, while it was being built. We were waiting for a particular contractor to come and work on something that day, and we were working on the computer in the rv we had stationed at the animal barn here. We spent a lot of hours watching tv or doing homework while waiting for a particular contractor to build out home. One afternoon, when our two older ones were out, and my husband was at work, Matthew and Daniel and I were here, and we were finished taking care of animals. It was very blustery, and the clouds rolled and made shapes like smoke. It happened so quickly that it looked like a tornado formed before our eyes. We knew we would not be safe in the rv, and so we headed for the house, despite the fact that it was under construction. We wound up hiding at the lowest point in the basement holding a huge unwound roll of silver bubble-wrapped insulation for heating systems over us, until the storm had passed. The animals had simply gone inside the small open barn and were also fine.
Daniel would have appreciated this video. Someone in the next county filmed the tornado which did the damage to the plantation house "Sylvania" which I posted above. The video below was taken on October 13, 2011 in Louisa, Virginia in the Green Springs area. This was an area Daniel knew well.

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