Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tasks in Dreams

Last night was one of those dreams, or perhaps visits which keep me on Earth and functioning positively. Last night,in the early hours of the morning, I dreamt that I was visiting the small town which was some distance from the rural home I grew up in, the the Northeast. It was autumn there, and in our visit, the town probably resembled more the town it was when I was a teen than it looks now. (I know this because two years ago, I took my eldest son Adam back there a couple of years ago on the way back from a long out of state trip.) In this dream, Daniel and I were running an errand. This is interesting because Daniel had never been to that area oreven to that state. In the dream, we were there to encourage a woman who had a small infant who was vomiting repeatedly. Afterward, with our work done, he and I looked around the rainy streets, and tried to decide where to go for lunch.I wanted to go to a do-nut shop for soup, but he clearly stated a preference for Wendy's, and in this dream, there was one there, and so there we headed. Afterward, we were going back to my parent's home they had for most of my life.
What stood out was that people there were cold, poor, and in need of encouragement. I, on the other hand, was joyful because I somehow had Daniel with me, and there was somehow the promise of seeing him again and regularly, even though we are separated by his passing and knew it. In the dream, although I did not see both of my parents, I knew I could, and that later that day I would. It was as if we all agreed to meet to do a good deed somewhere, and to touch base with one another. Daniel is as beautiful and as kind as he ever was. The message was, no matter what I am with you, and our family is always connected. You, who always had such faith in God, will always feel Him near, and will always have us as well.

Daniel loved this song.... He had the original as done by Hugh Laurie in the BBC television series "Fry and Laurie". The original version I think is funnier, and this one has lines changed, but I saw this version on "You Tube" this morning, and it's still funny.

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