Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ben Breedlove's Story

This is Part One and Part Two of a video made by eighteen year old Ben Breedlove of Austin, Texas.
Ben has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. In these videos, he tells of some of his experiences. Ben passed away on Christmas evening of this year.
       We send condolences to his family. Ben, Thank you for these videos. They will help many people to know what you have experienced.
To Ben's family,   In the beginning the remembrances of your son's passing will be very prominent in your lives, but as time goes on, the memories of Ben's life will loom larger and larger, obstructing the sadder or more bittersweet ones. May you feel God's presence as He holds you both gently and tightly through these days.

Those who wish to leave online condolences for Ben's family can do so at:

www.cookwaldenfuneralhome. com

It was no surprise to me, that Ben's middle name, is also Daniel.

Benjamin Daniel Breedlove

UPDATE: December 30, 2011 Ben's funeral was attended by more than 1500 people. More than that, couldn't get in. People who were there said that his family, especially sister Ally, and his mother Deanne especially modeled the strong faith that Ben so clearly had. Ben, just as you had thought, they made you proud with their courage and their conviction of their faith. Godspeed.

UPDATE: This is an additional later post of ours concerning Ben Breedlove, and his family's new book, written by his sister Ally.

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