Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Smell of Beer

We are an unusual family in that my husband and I don't drink alcoholic beverages at all. It's not that we have religious ideas that we shouldn't, or health constraints that preclude us from doing so. My husband drank a few drinks in college, and I enjoyed a few glasses of red wine while in college, usually following a harrowing exam. It tended to give me heartburn and I think on occasion, it caused a rare migraine headache. Although we both accept that there are some health benefits to the occasional beer or glass of wine, we just don't drink it, although we might serve some to guests on holidays. Oddly, our kids are the same. Other than a few drinks in college, and at Christmas, they just never got into the habit of drinking much. My kids joked that they could barely afford food in college, let alone drinks. My Dad was an exception to this. He loved an occasional dark ale especially while traveling, or going out with friends for a beer on tap and a slice of pizza.
I had an important business closing going on today, and I hoped my Dad would have been behind the decisions I have been making. In such a difficult economy it's hard to know what decisions to make when so many of our investments have decreased in value over the past few years. Early this morning while I was sleeping, I could smell beer, and I was aware of someone pouring a beer on a table in front of me. Although I didn't see him, I knew it was my Dad in the dream. I believe my Dad was encouraging me, not only at this time of the year before Christmas when I miss him, and I miss Daniel, but in the project I closed upon today. It was as if he was toasting me with a favorite beer. Thanks Dad. I will never tire of hearing from you in whatever manner you or Daniel are able to get messages through !

Dad loved a dark ale, especially some of the British varieties.

This may be a clearer version of the same song visually.

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