Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Visit to a Faraway Town


Do you remember the female farm veterinarian who used to come out and see all the farm animals periodically ? You remember the vet that had that amazing vet truck with all the supplies and the meds, and even a frij ? Adam and I were out in Louisa at the hardware store and we saw her. I think she was in a hurry because she didn't stop and chat. It's funny how people you met and knew have become special to me in a way that they might not have been, simply because they met and knew you. I just seem to want all the reminders of your time on Earth that I can get. I miss you so, and wish you were here, especially at this time of year. As you know, I am doing the best I can to go forward, even though sometimes I might not much feel like it. I know you and my Dad and in God's safe hands, and are fine, but I have my selfish flesh suit on, and just wish you were here.
Even though the earthquake in Louisa was at the end of August, the hardware store remains damaged. There are cracks in the tile in their bathroom, cracks in the thick smoky glass in their windows, cracks in the interior painted cinderblock and in their fairly new brick building as well. It's going to take years to repair the damage to this earthquake. The extent of the damage is still amazing to me. We got our letter this week telling us that we can't get an inspection for our damage because we are not in the disaster approved county.
All your animals are well. Your rooster Ross is huge and doing very well. We are home on the farm, and keeping the faith, just as if you and Dad will come for dinner on Christmas Day. Oh, and if you can, please do. We will have a buffet. Please tell my Dad I love him so, and I hope he is still proud of me.

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