Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Birthday...You Would Be Sixteen !

From Phojoe.com      This is an age progressed photo of Daniel based on several pictures of him from age 12 and younger.  They will age progress a photo so that parents may have a picture which should somewhat resemble their child in the present day.  This was their age progression for Daniel for age 15.  I have not yet asked them to do one for Daniel for age 16, but I likely will, for Mother's Day.

     Had God not decided that your position in Heaven required you Home as soon as possible, this week you would be sixteen years old.   It's hard to wrap my mind around the idea that you Daniel, so brilliant at 12 1/2 and looking at colleges, would be sixteen this week.  I imagine you would be in college and taking a hybrid of computer, and graphics and animation courses.  However, you might have surprized us by finding other interests at college also.  Your brother Matt, loves History as much as Computers and Mathematics.  I can't help but resent that I don't get the chance to watch you unfold here on Earth to which  I had so looked forward.

I know this used to be one of your favorite kinds of cake. (Photo: eponware.com)
.       In some ways, you were very blessed while here on Earth.  You had an unusual birth, and were very "together" as a newborn, being the only one I had ever seen who could turn over completely from birth.   Your peer group became not those in your age group, but your older siblings.  This caused you to learn and progress at a rapid rate.  You kept up with them well, with a very few exceptions.  Because you homeschooled, you progressed academically rapidly, but you also had a much larger amount of time that you could devote to animals and to personal interests. You learned to value positive interactions with other human beings, much faster than most of us do, as young people.  You left special memories with all of your siblings, and with your parents and your friends as well.   We try to commemorate your birthday each year with a charitable act which would mean something to you.   This year, there is so much need.  We will find the best way of recalling you and how you would decide who to help.

       This year Daniel, if you were here, we would do a pizza cake.  It really does look like a pizza, but I assure you, it is a cake !

          Almost as soon as we completed this post, we found how best to commemorate your birthday this year.   In the past, as you know, we have given a substantial gift to a food bank, other years to a specific family in need, but this year, your birthday blessing will go to a young man who is in college in this country.  His father is very ill, and in his native Turkey.  Your gift will help to get him home to see his father, one last time.    Thank you for having been our son, even if you could only stay for twelve years, and six months.

This is a white cake with fruit roll ups as pepperoni, the olives are cut licorice, and the peppers are licorice cut sideways. (Photo:  kidscakes.webs.com )

 (* The topper at the top of the page belongs to:  thecandycottage.biz)

 We love you, Bug,     Happy Birthday... 


  1. Happy Birthday Daniel! i sure do wish i had a piece of that pizza cake - bahahahah!

    Jane - i think what you are doing to help your other son's friend, while thinking of Daniel, is a lovely tribute to Daniel.

    (i hope you know that i am still reading all of the backposts - but just not commenting so much. i will comment on each new post though.)

    your friend, much love being sent your way,

  2. Thank you Kymber. Your friendship is invaluable, and your kind words are always appreciated. Daniel would have adored you while he was on Earth, and probably still does now. Love to you and Jam.

  3. i am pretty sure that i would have loved Daniel, Jane! i think we would have been super-friends!

    (Daniel, Jane - "super-friends" was a thing that two of my best friends made up for me when i was going through a pretty tough time in my life. my two friends, M and L, came to my apartment one day dressed in the most craziest outfits...tons of makeup, crazy clothes, wigs, way too much jewelry and of course....sheets as capes!!! on the sheets they wrote "super-friends"! they came and cheered me up and we did "super-friends" nights regularly - it was awesome! Daniel - me, you and your Mom, my dear friend Jane, could be super-friends together. Jane - get your butt up here to Cape Breton for a visit so we can make our capes!!! Daniel probably already has one! bahahahahahah!)

  4. Daniel was respected and had friends of all ages. He was kind to children much younger than he, and knew people my age, and took time to show older people at the library how to use the internet. He was especially fond of people who were positive and exuberant about life. I think we can say with some level of certainty, that he would have loved you Kymber. Who knows, he may have been part of why we were chosen to be friends. Love to you both.


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