Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Giggle With Symbols

The one I got, had a navy blue where the black is, and had "United We Stand" in white, across the front.  I mistakenly thought that it was "Red White and Blue, and that "United We Stand" stood for American solidarity in general.

                     This week I went to the rural pharmacy where I bought additional Claritin for our human family members, Ketotifen drops for our allergic cat,  and more sterile gauze for the first aid kit.  I also bought a white chocolate Russell Stover rabbit which was 50% off after Easter for Matthew, who likes the white chocolate. I tried to be as quick as possible because the Yankee scented candle display there, which is pretty large, was aggravating my asthma.   On the way out, there was a stack of magnetized ribbons for cars.   At first glance, it looks red, with a dark blue, almost purple side, and with "United We Stand" draped across the dark ribbon.  It was 99 cents and I read it as if it were red white and blue and was in support of US solidarity. Since these are tough times for the United States and its Constitution, I added one quickly to my pile, paid for everything, and went out the door.
                     A couple of days later, when I put away the items in the bag, I found the magnet again, and placed it on my car.   For a second, I thought that the very dark blue was a strange color to use.  I ran a couple of errands and then I came home.  When I got home, my kids were mortified.   It seems that from their years at Virginia Commonwealth University, particularly as art graduates, they have rather a complete operational knowledge of colors of ribbons, and they read my ribbon entirely differently !   Apparently, the dark band which I took as a blue, or navy blue, is a cheaper way of doing black.  My magnet ribbon calls for Atheist solidarity !
                     It's not that I have any particular malice for atheists.   Each of us are on a journey throughout our lives which is managed between ourselves and God.  Some of us tell Him they don't believe in Him, for a time in their lives, though I have observed that no one dies an atheist.    It can be hard to have faith through all that life brings, and so I have compassion for them.   However, I don't want to be espousing atheism on my car !  I am unapologetically Christian myself, and this, in large part, has provided the unending courage it has required to endure the loss of Daniel from Earth, and then keep the family moving in the right direction, in the aftermath of that experience.     I have therefore,  removed the magnet, and I will let those at the pharmacy know what it means, as I doubt they knew.    I am a little amused that someone who does believe in God would inadvertently be included in a scenario in which I would place an atheist symbol on my car.    I suppose, this way, I could inform all of you.
                  Watch those symbols.  When I looked this up, it is very easy to think you might be putting up a ribbon for gender equality which actually is the symbol of NAMBLA !   I think I will just keep my car naked for now.  Have a blessed day, Christians, atheists, Muslims, Buddhists, everyone !

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