Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dear Daniel

There will always be two empty chairs for you both. You will always be welcome.
Dear Daniel, and of course, Dad,

             It's been a while since I have written you both an actual letter.  I know that you both know the goings on, on this blog., and on the computer.  I think of you often.  Since both of your passings, time has done something strange.  Sometimes, it feels as if Dad, you departed a couple of weeks ago, and Daniel just after.  Other times, I feel as if you left here a long time ago.    I do feel you both with me sometimes.  I wanted to share with you some of the things we have done as a consequence of this blog.   I have been talking to Wal-Mart about getting AEDs in all their locations.  There is some resistance there because their deep pockets make them a target for people and families who will sue if the outcome is less than perfect, and so they do not yet have AEDs, due to concerns for liability.  Work is ongoing in that regard.  They also cite that most Wal-Marts are "right near" rescue squads who have AEDs.  They did not realize that in sudden arrhythmic death syndrome, that even those few minutes will likely make the AED ineffective for that person.   You both will likely have a part in the placement of AEDs in all Wal-Marts in the US.  (I'll work on Canada afterward.) 
          The most important thing we have done here on this blog is to connect people who have experienced a loss as massive as ours, to one another.  We have connected to lots of terrific families, and validated the experiences of so many.  So, in a lot of ways, your own good works on Earth have continued so far, almost four years after your departures.
          It's never going to be ok with me that both of you are beyond the veil, however, I will keep plodding along here on Earth where any manner of bizarre things can happen, and you keep talking to me in dreams. I can keep moving forward.    May God bless both of your beautiful spirits.


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