Monday, April 23, 2012

Sometimes, Even With Advance Warning, We Cannot Save Them

Isaac Arzate, 12

   I was preparing to close up my computer this evening, when I saw that another boy, 12 this time, had died suddenly during a sporting event.   Isaac Arzate, a Portland, Oregon sixth grader, went into a cardiac arrest on Friday while playing baseball, and despite valiant efforts by coaches and EMS, could not be revived.  He was pronounced dead at a local hospital.
      Isaac's family's experience is a little different from most of the children and teens we mention here, because Isaac has had a cardiac arrest before.   In January of this year, Isaac experienced a cardiac arrest while playing basketball.    In January, Isaac was resuscitated, and was treated at the hospital for a cardiac defect. He had an abnormal blood vessel originating in his aorta, and this had been repaired.
       Unfortunately, persons writing articles for newspapers don't understand that a "heart attack" is not just any cardiac arrest.   A heart attack or myocardial infarction, occurs when the coronary arteries of the patient become inflammed and clogged and perfusion or adequate oxygenation below them becomes impossible and there is cardiac muscle death.    Children do not often have M.I's or "heart attacks".  They do however, experience sudden death due to arrhythmias, or sudden heart rhythm disturbances, which are sometimes the consequence of a cardiac defect and rarely a repair of such.
        My family and I send prayers, blessings and condolences to Isaac's family.    I would ask them to look up Ben Breedlove's story, as Ben and his story is inspiring, and I think this may be helpful to them.
         Another young man in Isaac's general area experienced a sudden cardiac death recently.   Cody Sherrell, 14, of Washington State, died suddenly at basketball practice.
         When information concerning a fund for either of these boys is known, I plan to post the details here.

Two more "phenomenal kids" are gone.   Don't tell me how few die this way.   I know better.

The artist is Gordon Garner    

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