Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Like Daniel's, Morosini's Autopsy Inconclusive

     When our Daniel, a well child of 12 1/2 collapsed and died suddenly, now almost four years ago, we were sure that an autopsy would tell us what had happened.   You can imagine our surprize when ostensibly, we were told, that the child who had a fatal cardiac arrest had coronary arteries which were as clean as a whistle.  Daniel had no cardiac enlargement, no abnormal valves or other demonstrable cardiac issues.  How then, we asked, could a child with a normal heart, have a cardiac arrest, in the absence of any other issue detectable on autopsy ?

                    We were eventually told, after exhaustive testing by a number of pathology specialists, that Daniel had likely died from a disturbance in heart rhythm, and that a rhythm disturbance is a FUNCTIONAL, not necessarily a STRUCTURAL abnormality.  This has been hard to live with.

                    As of today's date, soccer great, Piermario Morosini, who also experienced a sudden cardiac death has also been found to have no obvious cardiac anomalies.  Of course, just as was done with Daniel, continued expensive and detailed testing will be done, however, no clear cause of death, other than cardiac arrest, may ever be found.  We are pleased to hear that an account now exists for the care of his disabled sister, and his elderly aunt, Morosini's only remaining relatives.  Please pray for them both.

The best explanatory article on the medical aspects of Piermario Morosini's death is:


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