Monday, April 2, 2012


The United States appears to sit like a lopsided house of cards. The house in the picture above looks lopsided. This reminds me of the Titanic as the forward compartments of the ship filled with water, prior to its sinking.

   I suppose it is natural to see things which happened only in your own life as somehow being interwoven with other things which happened in the world.  In the Autumn of 2008, I lost my father, and then only about a month later, Daniel unexpected departed from Earth.  The emptiness of those two departures remains almost inexplicable and leaves us almost compass-less sometimes.  It has been a strange journey since then.  My father did not live to see Barack Hussein Obama elected as President.  He would have had no difficulties with the man's ancestry or ethnicity, but he clearly would not have voted for a man who, from his own published writings in books, had contempt and mistrust for the many good things about the United States of America.  Daniel was aware of Barack Hussein Obama's election, and was not pleased.   However, in America, when someone is elected, we try to stand with our President, out of, at least, respect for the office itself.  When Daniel passed, President Obama had not yet been inaugurated, and so Daniel never knew a day on Earth with the Obama Regime.
     The Obama Regime has been a confusing presidency for many of us.  The President and his family vacation often, sometimes using an extra plane to transport their dog.   When they travel to Wyoming where beef is excellent and well priced, their gathering serve lobster, which is quite expensive.  When they travel to Maine, as a collective, they order beef, where lobster is cheap and plentiful.  They have children's parties for their daughters in which Johnny Depp comes in character as the "mad hatter".  It seems strange to see many people short of money for food in America while our President and his family make no apparent attempts to economize.  I am reminded of how the British Royal Family economized during the second World War.  I am reminded of how Jimmy Carter while president donned a sweater and turned the heat down in The White House during the fuel shortages.  It seems insensitive to me to see the Obama's enjoying themselves.
      It bothers me also that Mr. Obama seems so out of touch with the thoughts of most Americans.  I certainly can't speak for all of them, but I don't know a single person who would re-elect him.  Most of them cite company bail outs and high spending which have not done anything to diminish joblessness which is increasing in the US.  The fall of Solyndra and other energy companies which were heavily subsidized and propped up by the Obama administration also makes us question their choices.  I am also concerned that his administration persists in forcing through Obamacare and its implementation, when poll after poll indicates that 75% of Americans believe that the forced requirement of the purchase of health insurance is unconstitutional.  I am bothered that the Constitution, the cornerstone of US government, is regarded by Mr. Obama as an inconvenient and archaic document which requires overhaul.   This week, Mr. Obama asked Russia's President Dimitri Medvedev if he and President-elect Putin could "cut him some slack" on the US missile in Europe.  Obama claimed to have more "flexibility following his re-election".    Is he mad ?   I know lots of different people, none of whom will admit to planning to re-elect him.

Barack Hussein Obama, at the White House,   (Picture: The New Statesman)


 Some of our neighbors are paying forty additional dollars three times a week in order to go back and forth to jobs.  There are no jobs in rural places that do not involve commuting.  The jobs within 60 miles disappeared in 2008.
       Today as I drove home, I learned that a number of "Best Buy" Stores will be going out of business. This will be added to the banks, movie theatres, restaurants, clothing stores, food stores, gas stations, and pharmacies etc. which have gone out of business since early 2009.  More and more nice homes are being abandoned as families are no longer able to keep jobs which would allow them to make payments on them.


       It certainly seems to me that since Dad and Daniel departed, that the world, the administration, the government, the thinking, and even the laws of physics sometimes, have all gone sideways or are perhaps lopsided.  Yes, since then, the world certainly seems lopsided.  Perhaps God was doing them a favor by pulling them from a rapidly descending world, in advance of the ugliness.

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