Sunday, June 10, 2012


This was a publicity shot for "Mister. Roger's Neighborhood"

  Fred Rogers, of television fame, was an educator, presbyterian minister,  songwriter, music arranger, and most of all, a television host.  Although he has been in Heaven since 2003, many people don't know this.  His shows are still in reruns over the airwaves, and are still a gentle reminder to be kind to one another, put on a sweater, change your shoes when you enter the house. He pioneered a gentler, softer more respectful way to talk to children in an era in which children's television actually fed and nurtured ADHD. Mr. Roger's gentle manner inspired many and he eventually collected many awards and accolades for his longstanding works.    I think Daniel's favorite episode, now many years ago, was the trip to the crayola factory.

The clip below is an interesting treatment of Mr. Rogers using autotuning      Daniel was always a fan of technology. If he were still on Earth, we may well see some interesting autotuning of his own design.     He would have enjoyed this interesting auto-tuning treatment of Mr. Rogers,  His kind and gentle manner has encouraged so many.

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