Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sweet Dreams


     Those who are devotees to this blog from the beginning, know that in the course of the last almost four years, I have found that when I dream,  and speak occasionally to my loved ones who have passed, and that I believe that in most instances, that they are genuinely communicating with me.  I believe this because I have received in dreams information from Dad, from Daniel, and others which have made both my personal path clearer, and have provided information which later turned out to be factual. I believe that God is much larger, more capable, and far more wonderful than most of us allow him to be, in our own existence.  Sometimes, we can be likened to toddlers saying that engineering, medicine, and music do not exist.  When faced with evidence of God's love for us, and for those who have passed and are with him, we explain things in such an oversimplified fashion, that we get it wrong.  God is so capable, and so broad, and so powerful, that he can do anything.  The limit is our imagination. We cannot conceive of His skills, or of his love for His creations.  Because of God's love for us, I believe that He does allow communication from those we have lost, who are no longer embodied here. He may do so, simply because hearing briefly from those we love may provide us with the courage to stay on track in our own lives. Simply knowing that those we love, and who may have suffered are safe at Home, can give us a much calmer perspective.
           I also believe that most everyone can hear from loved ones passed, particularly when we enter deep sleep, and are in dream.  This does not mean that I dream of passed loved ones every night. I am unusual only in that I probably remember more of my dreams on awaking than do most people.  This is a skill that can be grown. Put a spiral notebook and a pen next to your bed. If you awaken during the night, or in the morning, jot down what you remember from your dreams immediately.  At first it's likely to be very sketchy.  "I was in a cool forest walking, looking for a road.  I got to a clearing and there was a package from the IRS".  Some such recollection of dream might be your first entry.  Over time though, your ability to concentrate enough on detail will grow, and then you will be paying attention, and more likely to catch and recall valuable detail from dreams. As for being psychic, I think all humans are interwoven in the collective consciousness, but that we fight this all our human lives, seeking to hear only ourselves. Sadly, this cuts us off from all types of really important information.  I am no more psychic than anyone else, however, I am a willing listener.  I do recall some of what I am told in dreams.


           My mother passed some years ago. We were not particularly close at that time.  The loving mother I knew from an earlier age, changed radically in her seventies and eighties, due to multiple disease processes. She did not recall my siblings and I, and she chose to leave her assets to a friend and a charity with which she had become acquainted within the last six months of her life. I know she did not dislike her children, but her disease process certainly did. She said and did a lot of hurtful things in those years, and also mistakenly thought we had said or done things which hurt her.  I did not hear from her in my dreams for many years after she died.  Interestingly, one of my siblings did.  It is only recently that I have heard from her in dreams. Even then, she is not apologizing for her actions while ill. In the dream she is lamenting how she was treated in the last year of her life via messages on an answering machine.
           I mention all of this because I want to convey that I believe that we can plug in to the consciousness of those who have passed.  Most times, this can be both inspiring and very therapeutic, as it has been with communications from my Dad and from Daniel.  Sweet dreams.

Yes, you can hear Christine Dente, formerly of "Out of the Grey" singing background vocals in this inspiring song, by Newsong.

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