Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Constituents Obama Probably Doesn't Wish to Meet Anyway

There are many times in which I think Daniel probably looks back from Heaven and laughs at the things which go on here at the house.   James, whom we adopted as a young teen, is now almost seventeen. He has a mop of curly longish blond hair on his head and like most teens, has some really interesting ideas concerning footwear and clothing.  Today for example, Barack Obama is coming to our nearest small city,  Charlottesville, Virginia, which is neither all that near, or all that small, when you live out here in the country, but that is another post. Although neither James or I are Obama Supporters, as a homeschooling family, we wouldn't mind the historical experience of seeing the president speak, or even meeting him. It seems the wad of free tickets to see the President  today have gone unclaimed, so we would have a fair chance at doing both.  James appeared this morning in a tartan pair of thin fleece pants which look to me to be pajama bottoms, accompanied by a shirt which says, "I am not shy, I just don't like YOU". He also had on a pair of sandals, the type which the other kids call "man-dles".  This did not strike me as "meeting the president"-wear.  James thought it was perfectly appropriate given the fact that this President leads through repeated incidents of issuing executive orders. The more I talked to James, the more I realized that the kid knew more about the president's foibles than I thought he did, and that his dressing in such a manner was indicative of the level of respect he thought the president should receive from him.  In this way, James and Daniel are similar.   Daniel, had he still been here, would have gone today, dressed in a shirt and tie, with hair long-ish.   He would have politely told the president what he felt he was doing wrong, in likely an articulate fashion.   James, would do the same, but perhaps with less  polished and less respectful language.  All the while Daniel will likely be looking down, laughing at us.
     James doesn't want to go if he has to change clothing. Oh well, I didn't want to get stuck in hours of traffic anyway.

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